Making our products accessible to all

When filling our shopping basket or trolley, we all have to make choices dictated by our needs, wants, convictions and possibilities! Nonetheless, we are entirely opposed to seeing a two-tiered vision of food developing, whereby higher-quality products would be reserved to those who have the financial means to purchase them.

Since 2004, Demain la Terre has been striving for a third route to agriculture – that of responsible farming – offering high-quality products accessible to everyone, with a concrete positive impact on the environment, on the economy and on society. By opting for Demain la Terre produce, you will be favouring products embodying major values, at a fair price!

Our members’ commitment is conveyed in their solidarity. Hundreds of tonnes of products are donated every year to food banks for the less fortunate.
To find out how to recognise and where to buy Demain la Terre products, click here.

Our other commitments

Encouraging sustainable practices

We only have one planet. Our members understand this, and have been implementing virtuous practices for many years now within their companies, aiming to reduce their environmental impact.

Ensuring high product quality

Inspected by an independent authority, our label goes far beyond the standard regulations in force, thus guaranteeing high quality requirements - regardless of production methods.

Promoting the local economy

By committing to economic and social aspects too, our members undertake to comply with all three pillars of sustainable development. As such, they help preserve the vitality of our rural environments.

Preserving good health for all

Riches en vitamines et anti-oxydants, les fruits et légumes sont les alliés d’une alimentation saine. Nos producteurs et transformateurs s’engagent à préserver toutes les qualités gustatives et nutritionnelles de leurs produits.​

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