Defending the local economy

Quality of life, tranquillity and being at one with nature are widely associated with rural environments. Demain la Terre wishes to add a touch of economic vitality to this vision, set on proving that the countryside is bursting with opportunities! Even though the environment is the most potent pillar of sustainable development, there are two others: the economy and social matters. As such, Demain la Terre’s Frame of Reference also includes a section on the economy. Growing local roots is essential for our producers and processors – as 9 out of 10 employees live in close vicinity to their production sites! This also goes through establishing sustainable and favoured relationships with local customers, suppliers, service providers and economic stakeholders – with a view to creating a dynamic and responsible economic ecosystem. Socially, as major stakeholders wherever they are established, our members play a part in local social life by supporting sports clubs, associations or citizen initiatives.

Our other commitments

Encouraging sustainable practices

We only have one planet. Our members understand this, and have been implementing virtuous practices for many years now within their companies, aiming to reduce their environmental impact.

Making our products accessible to all

Healthy and high-quality food should not be a privilege, and should be accessible to all. We offer products at fair prices - both for producers and consumers.

Ensuring high product quality

Inspected by an independent authority, our label goes far beyond the standard regulations in force, thus guaranteeing high quality requirements - regardless of production methods.

Preserving good health for all

Riches en vitamines et anti-oxydants, les fruits et légumes sont les alliés d’une alimentation saine. Nos producteurs et transformateurs s’engagent à préserver toutes les qualités gustatives et nutritionnelles de leurs produits.​

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