Demain la Terre co-founds
the Collective for a Third Route
to Responsible Agriculture

Created at the initiative of four major stakeholders in French farming, the Collective for a Third Route to Responsible Agriculture is tasked with uniting and promoting responsible farming initiatives in all sectors. During the Sirha Green event (dedicated to responsible food services), these four stakeholders made the creation of their collective official on Monday 18 June 2018 by signing a manifesto.

Responsible agriculture: a major national concern

For several years now, a growing number of producers and consumers have benefited from the many advantages of eating better and ensuring more responsible and sustainable farming. Eating healthier and more natural products to live longer and in good health, as well as eating more responsibly to preserve the planet – that is the challenge we face today in France.

This baseline movement, requiring more transparency, authenticity and traceability, favouring local distribution circuits and producers, was ratified last March following the conclusions drawn up by the Food General Assembly.

What do we mean by « third route » ?

Nowadays, there is not only ONE form of agriculture, but SEVERAL different forms that all coexist. Along with conventional and organic farming, there is a third route whereby producers from each sector work together with the idea of environmental, economic, social and societal responsibility in mind. This is the mindset with which the Bleu-Blanc-Cœur association, Demain la Terre association, Filière CRC® group and Vignerons en Développement Durable association are progressing, each in their own sector. Together, these four stakeholders working in French agriculture co-founded the Collective for a Third Route to Responsible Agriculture. This Collective for a third route to agriculture is a concrete answer to the issue of “Sustainable Food”, defined by the FAO and the United Nations as “nutritionally adequate, better for the environment and culturally acceptable”.

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What commitments are required from the Collective’s members?

To become a member of the Collective for a Third Route to Responsible Agriculture, agricultural businesses undertake to ensure that their processes are long-term and aim to constantly improve. On a volunteer basis and inspected above and beyond regulatory requirements, they are founded based on an obligations of means AND results established according to co-drafted and verified specifications.

These commitments serve as quality guarantees for consumers and cover all issues to do with health (for consumers and producers), respect for the planet (biodiversity, environment) and food safety (traceability, consumer guarantees).

Concrete actions in favour of producers and consumers

The core purpose of the Collective for a Third Route to Responsible Agriculture is to unite responsible farming businesses committed to initiatives aiming to improve sustainability and product quality, and create more value. Five years from now, the Collective aims to represent 20 % of agricultural production in France. In concrete terms, the Collective undertakes to promote farming products (raw or processed) originating from responsible sectors, by communicating on their benefits and fundamental requirements.

By acting alongside public authorities, it also intends to be granted official and/or public interest recognition.

Lastly, the Collective for a Third Route to Responsible Agriculture aims for direct access to all distribution circuits (local and longer distances, catering, etc.) and food processing circuits, accessible to all.