What is Demain la Terre,
as a producer and processor?

Representing values & a philosophy

Demain la Terre is an association founded in 2004 by fruit and vegetable producers and processors, who came together as part of a joint responsible farming project respecting the environment, the economy and social progress – the three major pillars of sustainable development.


Think tanks are set up focusing on the future of agriculture, during which member company directors, as well as technical, marketing and HR managers discuss their practices and beliefs in terms of social, economic and environmental progress.

Strong demands & commitment

These discussions, combined with careful research, helped implement the Demain la Terre Frame of Reference in 2010, revolving around three priorities: health, quality and respect for mankind and the environment. The Frame of Reference counts 70 criteria, divided into 10 themes, aiming for continuous improvement within our partner companies. Any and all productions complying with this Frame of Reference can be labelled Demain la Terre.

Technical expertise

Demain la Terre boasts technical expertise in various Sustainable Development areas. By way of our DLT Service branch, you may benefit from our many skills in making CSR the heart of your activity.

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in our approach?