Pourquoi consommer
les produits Demain la Terre?

I wanted to take my hat off to you, and congratulate you for all you do and what it represents for the planet and future generations: your project is an authentic and meaningful one, perfect for feeding the world!

Hello, we discovered the association at the Vendée Globe athletes’ village. We loved the fruit coulis we tried.

Your “little darling” tomatoes are truly delicious.

Great taste and incredible quality!

I was delighted to meet you at the Agricultural Trade Fair. I tasted some of the apples you had there. Delicious!

I really love your concept, especially for growing pesticide-free mushrooms. Well done on the amazing initiative!

What a wonderful form of commitment from producers.

I simply wish to congratulate and thank you. I usually tend to complain about product quality...but not here! I quite simply rediscovered the real taste of a tomato. So I just wanted to give some good feedback for once. Keep up the good work.

I love our planet and all it has to offer! I’m appalled by all those who make no effort to respect nature and animals! I try to eat as healthily as possible, and in respect for the environment. I discovered your products because I pay close attention to product traceability. I read your “Demain la Terre” website with keen interest and great hope for the future. What you do gives me hope and joy, because I finally realised that I’m not alone! Thank you for being so committed!