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Creating Demain la Terre felt very natural and perfectly in keeping with the company’s values. Our approach conveyed our vision of the future. The Demain la Terre Frame of Reference helps formalise all the actions to be implemented at Fruits Rouges & Co., and thus meet customers’ growing expectations. Above and beyond sustainable development, Demain la Terre is a fantastic tool for sharing know-how and good practices between the Association’s various producers. The agricultural industry’s future depends on each company’s involvement in producing healthier and safer fruit and vegetables.
Chairwoman of Fruits Rouges & Co., founding company of Demain la Terre

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Not all fruit and vegetables offers the same “good farming”, food safety and thus health guarantees. For this very reason, in 2004, Planète Végétal and four other leading agricultural companies decided to create Demain la Terre. As such, we became pioneers in ensuring sustainable development practices for fruit and vegetable production.
Christian LETIERCE
Producer, Chairman of Planète Végétal, one of the founding companies of Demain la Terre
The commitment shown by the Verger de la Blottière can be illustrated by the creation in 2004 of the Association Demain la Terre, gathering fruit and vegetable producers. Together, and in just a few years, they created what can now be considered as a third route to agriculture: a combination between preserving and optimising the resources at our disposal, constantly improving working conditions for employees, and satisfying consumer expectations.
Chairman of the Verger de la Blottière, one of the founding companies of Demain la Terre

Our members

Requesting a membership to Demain la Terre came quite naturally. Particularly committed to organic farming both in terms of production and marketing, the creation of this third type of agriculture seemed like the next natural step for us in line with our values. The Demain la Terre Frame of Reference enables us to pursue our company’s projects whilst preserving the core values of organic farming all the while keeping a hold on our production.
Director of the Ferme de la Motte
Membership to the Association Demain la Terre seemed like the next logical step for Pomliberty® to further its societal and environmental commitments. As we are always stronger together, it became quite obvious that connecting with other companies who shared our work and life philosophy was a good idea: respect for the earth, vegetables and mankind. This approach, aiming for even more sustainable agriculture, requires a number of certifications, compliance with set standards, and sharing our experience with others - a way of showing long-term solidarity.
Director of Pomliberty
N’être que bio ne suffit pas, c'est pour cette raison que nous avons adhéré à "Demain la Terre". Nous voulons garantir à nos clients que nos produits, en plus d'être bio, élaborés avec des légumes Français, s’inscrivent dans une démarche de développement durable : respectueux des hommes et de l'environnement, garantissant une juste rémunération de l’agriculteur, ... Le Référentiel Demain la Terre correspond totalement à nos critères, c'est pour toutes ces raisons que nous avons souhaité adhérer et faire certifier une gamme de produits.
Directeur des Vergers de Gascogne

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Continuous improvement is at the heart of our sustainable tomato plantations at the Jardin de Rabelais. It is conveyed by daily practices aiming to reach the perfect balance between productivity, respect for the environment and human decency. Demain la Terre provides us with a framework for this, helping us improve our daily practices.
Pascal DELAHAYE and Matthieu SERRAULT
Founder and Deputy Director of the Jardin de Rabelais
Devenir membre de Demain la Terre, c’est faire connaître et reconnaître par le plus grand nombre notre savoir-faire et notre "bien" faire, notre façon de travailler, notre métier. C’est mettre en avant nos valeurs qui sont les mêmes que celles de tous les producteurs adhérents de Demain la Terre : proposer des légumes sains et sûrs pour tous, respectueux de l’environnement !
Co-fondateur de LOU Légumes
I wanted to join the Association Demain la Terre because we share the same issues and strategies. I want to leave upcoming generations companies that took it upon themselves to face the ecological and environmental challenges of their time. Becoming part of the Association enabled us to share our ideas, unite our teams and communicate on our actions. It truly drives us and stimulates us in our desire to become ever better in our work.
Chairman of Picvert
We believe in Demain la Terre’s values and goals. Through our production, we wish to embody the vision of healthy, responsible farming accessible to all. The farmers within our group show their commitment every day by inventing, testing and implementing practices to meet these goals. The third route to agriculture is open!
Chairman of Kultive

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