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Countless processes and certifications exist and are being created in agri-foods as a whole, and in fruit and vegetable production more particularly. As a producer, it is sometimes hard to find your bearings and decide in what direction to lead your company to meet customer expectations. We wish to shed light on the many benefits of Demain la Terre’s approach, and showcase how implementing its Frame of Reference in your company can be a relevant way of guiding you towards more sustainable production.

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-19% of synthetic crop protection products between 2016 and 2020

-23%(overall) water consumption between 2019 and 2020

+79% increase in the use of renewable energies by members, going from 23.6 % to 42.24 %

+56% increase in the number of products grown free of any pesticides between 2019 and 2020

+48% of purchases made locally (in value) since 2017

Ecological focus areas increased by 159% between 2016 and 2019,
reaching over 1,000 ha

Study results

Demain la Terre conducted, took part in or underwent various studies, helping to clarify the relevance of its approach and continuously improve it. Below is a summary of its latest review projects:

CTIFL CSR (2018)

In 2018 and upon request from fruit and vegetable production companies, the CTIFL (Inter-professional Technical Centre for Fruit and Vegetables) conducted a study aiming to compare existing specifications within the sector (including Demain la Terre), based on the AFAQ 26 0001 assessment model. This model is used to position specifications according to certain CSR criteria, in line with the ISO 26000 standard. As shown in the graphs below, Demain la Terre’s approach is the most accomplished frame of reference in terms of CSR, compared to all those tested.
1 AFNOR Certification developed the AFAQ 26000 norm based on the guidelines stated in the ISO 26000 standard. AFNOR Certification delivers its CSR Committed Label based on the AFAQ 26000 model.

Ecophyto (Onema, 2017-2020) Demain la Terre project | Ecophytopic

As part of the Ecophyto plan, Demain la Terre responded to a national call for projects enabling members to initiate actions aiming to eliminate all traces of plant protection products from fruit and vegetables, by ensuring an even larger grasp on crop techniques and processes – for all types of fruit and vegetables, fresh product production and processed food production marketed in all kinds of distribution channels.

Ecoconception (Ademe, 2017-2022)

Since 2017, Demain la Terre has been conducting an eco-design project in association with the ADEME, aiming to assess the environmental impact of a product certified according to its own frame of reference.

Nutrition (INRAE, 2021-2022)

To what extent do production systems affect the nutritional value and health benefits of fruit or vegetables? To answer this question, a project is currently underway with the INRAE and CIRAD.

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