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Demain la Terre counts 24 leading fruits and vegetable marketers who chose to commit to sustainable development, with a view to ensuring more responsible farming.

As the only real seal of sustainable development applied to farming, Demain la Terre materialised the choice made by companies many years ago to stand out through their production practices, grow their crops whilst protecting their land, and meet consumer requests – i.e. being able to purchase healthy and safe products to ensure utmost nutritional benefits.

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Mass retail

Most fruit and vegetable purchases are made in hypermarkets or supermarkets. As such, this distribution circuit is first in line when it comes to transforming consumers’ consumption habits and encouraging them towards more responsible consumption.


Consumer requirements pertaining to food do not cease to exist once you step into a restaurant. Our products mean you can offer guests a more sustainable menu.


Being the most local, and in addition to offering fruit and vegetables, greengrocers also give precious advice to their customers, making them a true neighbourhood service.


In aiming to make its products accessible to all, the Association Demain la Terre wishes to bolster its relations with wholesalers – as they are a key interface with distribution networks such as out-of-home catering or greengrocers.