Demain la Terre’s commitments

Responsible purchasing

71.4 % of the Association’s total purchases are organic, eco-labelled or eco-certified.

A partner committed to nature

Thanks to the commitments and actions led by our producers, the Demain la Terre Association was recognised as a “Partner committed to nature” by the Ministry for Ecological Transition. This initiative, launched by the French Office for Biodiversity, is applicable to any companies, local communities and partners committed to minimising biodiversity loss. The role of responsible farming is to act, raise awareness and provide support!
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Environmental certification

The decree dated 7 April 2015 by the Ministry for Agriculture recognises an equivalence between the Demain la Terre certification label and the French State’s level 2 environmental certification. Furthermore, using the certification scheme within a collective framework, 54 Demain la Terre farms achieved level 3 of this certification, thus obtaining the “High Environmental Value” rating.

Stratégie Nationale pour la Biodiversité

The association is a member of the Stratégie Nationale pour la Biodiversité (SNB - French Strategy for Biodiversity) aiming to preserve, restore, strengthen and value biodiversity, and ensure its sustainable and fair use. We were granted recognition of our commitment to the Stratégie Nationale pour la Biodiversité in March 2017.


Partnership with Eléphant Vert, who designs biocontrol solutions using micro-organisms.

Internationally-renowned “4 pour 1000” French initiative

Demain la Terre is a member of the consortium and Board steering the “4 pour 1000” initiative (annual carbon storage rate in agricultural soils which would stop the current CO2 increase in the atmosphere).
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COP 21

Three contributions to the COP 21 (conference about climate change, Paris, December 2015): Platform of COP 21-labelled climate solutions, the “Hub of Climate Solutions”, White Paper by the Engineers and Graduates of the “Vivant et Environnement” programme (Living things and the Environment), and a Repository of committed stakeholders participating in the COP 21 drafted by the Ministry for Ecology.

Preference for remote meetings

We prefer to hold remote meetings to limit any greenhouse gas emissions generated by travel. In 2020, we organised 17 topical meetings, 94 % of which were held remotely.

Saveurs Commerce

On 24 September 2019, the Demain la Terre association and Saveurs Commerce federation, representing 12,000 in-shop and market greengrocers, signed a partnership agreement in favour of sustainable food. This innovative and unique partnership within the sector will enable greengrocers from Saveurs Commerce to connect with producers more easily, and provides Demain la Terre members with a distribution circuit materialising their commitment and practices thanks to a large network of greengrocers. Drawing on their joint values and associating their respective know-how, Demain la Terre and Saveurs Commerce opened the way to new synergies between production and specialised sales, keeping consumers are the very heart of their concerns.

CSR Platform

Launched in 2013, the CSR Platform is a place for discussions, sharing and proposals - aiming to meet the social, environmental and governance challenges underpinned by Corporate Social Responsibility. In pursuing its work, the CSR Platform chose to experiment with sector-based CSR labels adapted to very small, medium-sized and intermediary companies. Following an initial selection in 2018 of 12 participating federations, it selected six new stakeholders in May 2019, including Demain la Terre.
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COP 24

Various contributions to the COP 24 (conference about climate change, Katowice (Poland), December 2018): Actions carried out by Demain la Terre producers to fight climate change (view graphs) and Demain la Terre, as a partner of the “4 pour 1000” initiative, presented its actions in favour of carbon storage in soils (view document).

Ecophyto II Plan

Contribution during the consultation phase aiming to review the Ecophyto II Plan: highlighting Demain la Terre’s approach and its experience acquired in fruit and vegetable production.

Foundation for Research in Biodiversity

Demain la Terre is a member of the Steering and Follow up Committee for the Foundation for Research in Biodiversity.
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