Demain la Terre products

Are you convinced by our members’ commitments and wish to consume Demain la Terre certified products?
Demain la Terre products can be found in supermarkets, specialised shops or at your greengrocer’s.
The signage system for labels and quality charters to do with sustainable development has to meet certain standard- or regulation-based constraints – namely in France.
Even though our logos vary based on the space available on the product’s packaging, they are only applied to inspected products that comply with the Demain la Terre Frame of Reference, following the audit conducted by an independent inspection authority and approved by our Inspection Committee.


“Free of” processes

Demain la Terre producers also attempt to reduce the use of synthetic crop protection products (commonly known as “pesticides”), and to eliminate any trace of them from their fruit and vegetables.
Within this framework, some of our producers’ fruit and vegetables are inspected and certified as being “FREE OF any detected pesticide residue” or “grown FREE OF any synthetic pesticides”.
Some criteria are applied to any company that requests it, and come on top of the other mandatory criteria enforced by the Demain la Terre Frame of Reference. As such, they are OPTIONAL and ADDITIONAL.