How to become a member of Demain la Terre?

Registration process

Establishing contact

Contact is established between the company and the Association, via one of its members, its permanent team or the questionnaire below to ensure respective knowledge of the company and Demain la Terre’s approach, and to explain the membership’s financial terms;


A diagnosis is conducted prior to the membership being finalised by someone from Demain la Terre’s permanent team;

Diagnostic report

A diagnostic report is drafted and sent to the applicant, based on technical criteria and organised in line with the themes covered in the specifications;


Depending on the result of the diagnosis conducted prior to membership finalisation, approval is given or refused following a vote during one of the Association’s Board meetings;

Sending the required documentation

Once the applicant has signed a confidentiality agreement pertaining to its membership, the Demain la Terre Frame of Reference and any related documents are provided;

Compliance & auditing

An initial external audit shall be scheduled at the latest within the first three years following the start of the membership. In the meantime, the company is provided with support to ensure compliance and to help it prepare for the audit.

A non-certified member may communicate on its membership to Demain la Terre, but not on its certification - be it from a corporate angle or on products. Once the Demain la Terre label has been granted, communication via the company’s products can be implemented.

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    Sustainable development actions already in place:

    This data shall be conveyed to the Demain la Terre staff alone, and shall remain confidential.

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