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Created in 2004 and certifying products since 2010, Demain la Terre is a true pioneer in sustainable development within the fruit and vegetable trade. This commitment is conveyed through the numbers below:


In France, in 2021, 54 farmers were certified as being of “High Environmental Value”, as part of a joint framework managed by the Demain la Terre Association instated in 2018 – a first for the French fruit and vegetable trade

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Our ambition is also to showcase the Demain la Terre label as the flagship food label for sustainable consumption amongst consumers. To do so, a multi-channel communication strategy was rolled out to boost the label’s reputation:


All these actions enable the Association Demain la Terre to enhance their visibility within the media. Whether specialised or general public, national or local, Demain la Terre strives to communicate through all types of media to all types of audiences – which you can see for yourself by browsing through our press review