Ensuring high quality

Making announcements is great, but sticking to our commitments is even better! Countless schemes were included in Demain la Terre’s Frame of Reference, guaranteeing you high product quality and certifying our members’ commitment regardless of their production methods. Aiming for continuous improvement throughout every aspect of Demain la Terre’s specifications, our members regularly run tests (water, soil, pesticide residues, etc.) looking to provide proof of how their practices are evolving. Product traceability from field to plate is also guaranteed. These tests, in addition to the 70 criteria laid out in the Frame of Reference, are subject to internal inspections as well as to audits conducted by an independent body. Approval and certifications are granted by an independent Inspection Committee, to prevent our approach from being judge and jury.

Our other commitments

Encouraging sustainable practices

We only have one planet. Our members understand this, and have been implementing virtuous practices for many years now within their companies, aiming to reduce their environmental impact.

Making our products accessible to all

Healthy and high-quality food should not be a privilege, and should be accessible to all. We offer products at fair prices - both for producers and consumers.

Promoting the local economy

By committing to economic and social aspects too, our members undertake to comply with all three pillars of sustainable development. As such, they help preserve the vitality of our rural environments.

Preserving good health for all

Riches en vitamines et anti-oxydants, les fruits et légumes sont les alliés d’une alimentation saine. Nos producteurs et transformateurs s’engagent à préserver toutes les qualités gustatives et nutritionnelles de leurs produits.​

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