Our 10 themes
Discover the 10 different themes pertaining to the Demain la Terre label

The Demain la Terre certification label is forged based on 10 themes revolving around sustainable development, applicable either to production or processing, or both. Encompassing close to 70 specific criteria, both objective and measurable, the Demain la Terre label provides consumers with concrete guarantees.


Reducing the use of pesticides, eliminating any trace of residue

Between 2016 and 2019, an average drop of 19 % in the use of synthetic pesticides can be noted, as well as a 160 % increase in biocontrol products or products certified for organic farming


Preserving water resources

23 % drop in overall water consumption between 2019 and 2020


Preserving soil quality

Over 7,800 hectares of land committed to Demain la Terre’s approach


Safeguarding biodiversity and natural ecosystems

A 159 % increase in ecological focus areas was noted between 2016 and 2020. This represents over 1,000 hectares, i.e. similar in size to the Bois de Vincennes


Reducing fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions

150 tonnes of CO2 equivalent in savings - i.e. the same as driving round the world 25 times


Reducing and recovering waste, limiting the consumption of plastic

To fight against food waste, recovering 100% of all production waste is now mandatory

Between 2019 and 2020, waste volumes overall were reduced by 70 %


Encouraging sustainable economic relations with our stakeholders

Over half of all purchases and services were made with local companies

9 out of 10 employees live locally


Making our companies and society more humane

Food bank donations feed over 2,500 families every year (close to 570 tonnes in 2020)


Demanding that only the very best raw materials be used*

*only applicable to processed products


Opting for responsible recipes and processes*

*only applicable to processed products