How the Demain la Terre label operates

Inspection Committee

An inspection committee was instigated in 2010. It is made up of representatives of Demain la Terre producers, and independent stakeholders.

What does the Demain la Terre Inspection Committee do? It receives the audits, reviews them, approves or rejects applications to the Demain la Terre certification label and steers any changes made to the Frame of Reference. Lastly, it makes recommendations for future actions to be conducted following the audits, with a view to ensuring continued progress.


Inspection Authority

Inspections are conducted by an independent third party. It audits and measures to what extent each farm’s actions can be completed successfully, and makes sure their production complies with the Frame of Reference. It also identifies any areas to be developed. Each member is thus audited at least once a year. These audits are then sent off for review and approval by the Inspection Committee. Transparency is ensured regarding all stakeholders.

Operational and governance model
at Demain la Terre

Schéma de gouvernance